Bamboo Architect Nau Schlosser

20 minutes North of Ubud Nau Schlosser and Sacha Stone made their dream come true: Akasha. Hidden in the rice fields, artists are experimenting with new bamboo architecture and interior design.

Nau Schlosser is a Spanish architect working an bio architecture with all his passion, leading the art to a new level with computer aided design and collaborating with many like-minded artists.

I met Nau Schlosser contemplating there on his new projects on my first visit there. Akasha was completed 3 years ago.

Like Green School architecture, a new technique helps to make bamboo a lasting material, resistant to insects. Nau Schlosser uses silica to petrify bamboo instead of boric acid, which is used by Green school. More on the techniques at the end of this article.


Part of the experimental playground is the elaborate light design by Sacha Stone, who created the interior design.

Building close to nature is essential for Nau Schlossers architecture.

All design is inspired by nature, like in this new project below

After a computer-aided design process, construction is done fundamentally based on century-old Asian knowledge in Bamboo construction.

Check out Nau Schlossers website here:

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(c) all photos by Joo Peter, architecture plans by (c)

About techniques to preserve bamboo

silica for petrfication here

traditional methods (water, fire) boric acid and lime water:

Film on a mobile version of  treatment with boric acid here