Kan Kulak – portraying Bali culture

He is a legend of Bali art: Kan Kulak portrays Bali taksu (spirit).

His black & white art works are masterpieces in storytelling this complex interwoven spiritual world.

Picturing Dewi Sri, goddess of rice, he shows how all creatures and spirits are depending on her and linked to each other. All space surrounding us is full of spiritual energy and living spirits, therefor you will find in Bali art all space of canvas and sheet of paper filled with spirits, humans, animals.

In the early times, a  bamboo stick and ink was used for black & white art Рnowadays also graphit pencils

Kan Kulak is also leading community projects like designing and supervising production of the bull sarcophagi for cremation ceremonies or creating a monster for Ogoh Ogoh parde in the night before Nyepi

Above: Ogoh Ogoh designed by Kan Kulak, collaborating with artist friend Epong and other community members of his banjar in Peliatan.

Soon more on Bali art, Kan Kulak and his friends.