Hubud Filmmaker Meet-Up March 2019

Thanks for coming! Here a short recap of our last meeting.

Topic storytelling

Storytelling combines all of us:  fillmmaker, photographer, writer, blogger.

Beyond individual stories there are  typical narratives of genres, storytelling potential of specific  media or techniques. In Septembers Meet-Up we screened and discussed  reportage and interview genre (Green School Film) and cinematic short film (featuring a main protagonist, example Marko Randelovic and others). This time we discussed pure visual storytelling.

Joo Peter screened  Thaipusam short film as a  first example

Also Bryn Norths Mongolia  and Flores film were presented.

Our guests presented examples of their own work:

Alex H. Pflaum

Alex told us about his stunning adventure trip along the ancient Silk Road from Turkey to Usbekistan and Afghanistan by car

He also published a book about this trip –

Alex is a photographer mainly, but also starting to film. Here some impressions of his journey:


Nastidi as an anthropologist showed us how the scientists use film to do research on culture with an example of her own studies:

Pascal Basel as experienced colleague showed us a travel recap & film motivation

Peter Bollinger from Switzerland

Peter, 22 years old, is exploring travel vlogging and showed us some of his latest work:

Guillaume Taieb from France introduced  us to his start-up working on editing software:

Thansk for joining!

Missing information and other suggestions can be sent to e-mail below:

Joo Peter

Thaipusam by Joo Peter